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WiFi antenner

WiFi is an increasingly becoming a mainstream technology enabling almost any equipment to be connected to the internet. For connection between access points and mobile equipment, Sequoia's Wifi antenna offering provides high quality antennas for industrial applications. Designed for operation at 2.4GHz with options for the newer 5GHz Wifi frequency, these antennas are available with adhesive mount, though-hole, vandal resistant and outdoor versions.

Adhesive Wifi Antennas

The adhesive WiFi antennas mount directly behind glass or plastic to provide WiFi connectivity without being seen from the outside. Their low profile design makes it easier to fit into confined spaces and the antenna canbe mounted to metal, glass, wood and plastics.

Direct Connect - SMA/FME

Direct connection Wifi antennas have a RF mating connector integrated into the antenna housing. Typically the antenna connection will be SMA or FME style of connector. Most commercial (and industrial) Wifi adaptors use the SMA connector type. The antenna may have a fixed or adjustable angle such that the antenna can be set to the optimum alignment to maximise signal srength and data throughput.

Magnetic Wifi Antennas

With a magnetic mount base and a wide variety of cable lengths and connector options mag-mount antennas are popular amongst users of telemetry equipment where a reliable signal is important to ensure constant connectivity and ease of fitting ensures low installation costs.

Outdoor Wall Mountable Wifi Antennas

Designed for wall mounting, the Oscar range of outdoor Wifi Antennas are constructed with rugged enclosures and strong performance to extend the range of your WiFi further afield.

High Gain Wifi Antennas

Our high gain Wifi Antennas significantly improve the directional working range on all wireless routers that have an SMA reverse polarity connector – simply fit in place of the existing antenna. Directional, high gain 2.4GHz Wi-Fi panel antenna for 802.11 A, B & G installations. These antennas are supplied with 1m of cable and SMA reverse polarity connector and comes complete with fixing kit and instruction guide.


  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz Antennas for WiFi
  • Also suitable for Bluetooth / Zigbee
  • Wide range of mounting styles
  • Wall / ceilling mount
  • Through-hole vandal resistant
  • Adhesive fixing
  • Embedded PCB
  • Direct connect