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Techbase F8114 ZigBee

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F8114 ZigBee+GPRS IP MODEM is a kind of data terminal device that provides data transfer function by public GPRS and ZigBee network. It adopts high-powered industrial 32 bits CPU and embedded real time operating system. It supports RS232, RS485 (or RS422) and ZigBee port that can conveniently and transparently connect one device to a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing serial and ZigBee devices with only basic configuration.

It has low power consumption states in which the power consumption could be lower than [email protected] It has compatible digital I/O channel, ADC, input pulse counter and pulse wave output function. It has been widely used on M2M fields, such as intelligent transportation, smart grid, industrial automation, telemetry, finance, POS, water supply, environment protection, post, weather, and so on.

For more information and technical parameters, take a look at the data sheet.
För mer information och tekniska parametrar, se databladet.



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