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Vitrum I BS Satellite Wireless

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Vitrum Satellite does not feature an onboard output to power the lights directly. Vitrum Satellite sends ON/ OFF signals only to other Vitrum Wireless Dimmer or Vitrum Wireless ON/OFF modules. These perform the command, powering the load via their own power outputs.

One-button light switch
Touch control with capacitive technology and concave surface for tactile Feedback
Acoustic feedback signal
Crown backlit by low-consumption LEDs

One capacitive button with “On-Off“ contol
Dimming touch:
Single short pressure for “On-Off“
Keeping pressure: light increase from 0 to 100%
Dimmering by circular touch (iPOD like control) (increasing with clockwise touch, decreasing with counterclockwise touch)

Mechanical specification:
Box British 1 Gang (wall or plasterboard) Dimension 95x95mm
Depht at sight 8 mm
Weight: 180 g.
Operating temperature: 0-40°C
Button Diameter 38 mm
Light ring diameter 42 mm

Electrical specification:
Power: 230VAC
Energy consumption: < 1W
Frequency of communication: F.M. 868.4MHz - R.F radiated power <1mW
Range: 20 m. MAX (open field )

Compliant with:
E.M.C.: 2004/108/CE
R&TTE: 1999/5/CE



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